Alone Together

Alone Together

Join us Sunday mornings in October: During the first two weeks, our pastors offer the messages “Giving Gratefully” and “Giving Faithfully” as we participate in our annual generosity campaign, titled “We’re Still Grateful: Alone Together.”

During our morning live-streamed worship services, we focus our thoughts and prayers on our generosity for the coming year. It’s a chance to show that We’re Still Grateful in spite of all that’s going on.

Although many of us may feel alone – isolated and challenged as a result of the pandemic – we can be hopeful as we recognize what God is doing in our church and in our lives. This is a time to celebrate God’s goodness as we join together in our commitment to give gratefully and faithfully in 2021.

October 4Giving Gratefully
Traditional: Pastor Greg
Outdoor/Contemporary: Pastor Cyndi

World Communion Sunday Vesper Service
2pm drive-in style in Education Center parking lots

On October 4, all are invited to a Communion Vesper service at 2pm in our Education and Outdoor chapel parking lots. The drive-in style service makes safety and physical distancing possible as we park, hear a brief message, “Come Hungry” by Pastor Greg, share in some music … and most importantly, celebrate Communion together.

October 11Giving Faithfully
Traditional: Pastor Cyndi
Outdoor/Contemporary: Pastor Greg