Every Wonder Why?

Every Wonder Why?

Have you ever had a question so hard you wouldn’t even say it out loud? Or a doubt so big you didn’t feel like you could share it—especially at church? Maybe it’s time to ask the tough questions together in the series, Ever Wonder Why?

Please join us as we explore some of the tough questions, Sunday mornings beginning January 7 and continuing up to Ash Wednesday, February 14.

In this series, we will consider questions like:

  • “Why Did God Let This Happen?”
  • “Why Should I Trust God?”
  • “Why Does God Feel Far Away?”

Together, we will seek inspiration and explore timeless wisdom in a fresh and meaningful way.

Come and join us in this time to revive, reconnect, and rediscover the unique and powerful force that exists in the connections we make and in the relationships that develop … those that enable each person to find purpose, community, and growth.

Embark on a journey of discovery to ignite the Spirit within and reconnect with something greater than yourself. Feel freedom to ask the hard questions and discover the holy mystery of God.