Hold on to Hope

Hold on to Hope

What’s the difference between living and existing? Between success and failure? Joy and despair? Openness and isolation?


By holding on to the hope you received through the resurrection of Christ:

  • You build better relationships
  • You are productive and less affected by stress
  • You find success and satisfaction in your life
  • You find wells of compassion and mercy within you
  • You are physically and spiritually healthier
  • You are not afraid to hold yourself to higher ethical standards
  • You are more likely to live into and spread the loving, caring and forgiving attributes of God

This message series is about finding new levels of authentic hope through relationship with God through Christ. We long to hold on to that hope which affects our relationships, our careers, our church, our community and our world! Please plan to join us!

Series Schedule
April 11
8:30 Traditional & 11 Contemporary
“Hope in the midst of Doubt” Pastor Dennis
April 18
8:30 Traditional & 11 Contemporary
“Hope in Chaos” Pastor Cyndi
April 25
8:30 Traditional & 11 Contemporary
“Hope in Loss” Pastor Greg
May 2
8:30 Traditional & 11 Outdoor
“Hope for the Future” Pastor Dennis
11 Contemporary
“Hope for the Future” Pastor Greg