June-July Message Series

June-July Message Series

Claiming the Promises

Life seems full of empty promises. The more you put your trust in things like money, relationships, your career, or the stuff you can accumulate, the less satisfied you are with life in the longterm.

At Ingomar Church, we believe that life is better with Jesus at the center, so we believe that God is our true source of satisfaction. The Bible contains thousands of promises that God wants to fulfill in your life.

This message series highlights some of the most significant promises God has made to you. Unlike the world’s promises, God’s promises are not empty. They are the key to renewed life, peace of mind, and hope for the future.

Message Series Schedule

June 6: God’s Presence
Pastor Cyndi (Traditional & Outdoor)
Pastor Greg (Contemporary)

June 13: God’s Guidance
Pastor Greg (8:30 Traditional & 11 Outdoor)
Pastor Dennis (11 Contemporary)

June 20: YOUTH Sunday / Graduate Recognition

June 27: God’s Cleansing
Pastor Dennis (8:30 Traditional & 11 Outdoor)
Pastor Greg (11 Contemporary)

July 4: God’s Wisdom
Pastor Cyndi (8:30 Traditional)
Pastor Greg (8:30 Outdoor & 11 Contemporary)

July 11: God’s Wise Plan
Pastor Dennis (8:30 Traditional)
Pastor Cyndi (8:30 Outdoor & 11 Contemporary)

July 18: God’s Power and Provision
Pastor Cyndi (8:30 Traditional)
Pastor Dennis (8:30 Outdoor & 11 Contemporary)

July 25: God’s Faithfulness
Pastor Greg (8:30 Traditional)
Pastor Cyndi (8:30 Outdoor & 11 Contemporary)