The Great Narrator

The Great Narrator

Everyone loves a good storyteller, right? One whose stories appeal to our senses and emotions in a way that captures our attention, makes us think, and offers the power to enrich our lives and provide guidance for living.

In our sermon series, “The Great Narrator,” we consider how Jesus, the master storyteller, uses parables to convey his message. Over a third of the first three Gospels contains the written accounts of the stories Jesus told to teach and impact his listeners. Among them are stories about weddings and banquets, farmers sowing and reaping, the lost sheep, the fig tree, the talents, the mustard seed, the rich fool, the persistent widow, and the lamp and basket.

Come and join us Sundays in July and August as we consider the stories Jesus told that cause us to pause, think, and learn … ultimately to help us grow in our understanding of the kingdom of God.

Whoever has ears, let them hear.

Matthew 11:15 NIV