I Love to Tell the Story: 2 Thieves, 3 Crosses

I Love to Tell the Story: 2 Thieves, 3 Crosses

Sunday, February 16 at 8:30 and 11am Traditional Worship and Sunday, February 23 at 11am Contemporary Worship
Pastor Dennis Henley

While a little less commonly seen than in the past, as you drive along interstate highways and other heavily traveled roads like I 79 or US 19 through W PA, WV and other parts of Appalachia, you’re still likely to see three crosses, usually on a hillside, reminiscent of the crosses of Calvary

Coffindaffer Crosses
Marine veteran; lay pastor of a church in WV
Set up as a reminder of the crucifixion, forgiveness of sins, Christ’s return
Over 1800 of these were set up in 29 states, DC, Zambia, Philippines
352 in WV alone
$3 million spent on the project
Last set was erected in 1993 and Mr. Coffindaffer died just a month later
Today, “Crosses across America” carries on the tradition

The crosses are there to speak to everyone who passes by the cross of Christ is at the center with others on the right and left, reminding us that we, like those hung on the two crosses, have decisions to make about the one at the center

If you were to visit Jerusalem today you would find two locations that make claim to being the location of Calvary, where Jesus was crucified…

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