I Love to Tell the Story: Paul and Silas in Prison

I Love to Tell the Story: Paul and Silas in Prison

Sunday, February 16 at 11am Contemporary Worship and Sunday, February 23 at 8:30 and 11am Traditional Worship
Pastor David Streets

Okay, it happened to me again. Do you remember a message I shared some time ago in which I told you that while I was standing in the lobby of PPG Paints Arena I dropped my IPhone on the granite floor? The glass did not break but the image on the screen was cockeyed. I thought I’d broken my phone but a friend I was with told me to press both buttons at the same time and the phone would reset. So I did and it did. Awesome!

So I did it again. I was having lunch with a friend and as we were leaving I grabbed my phone off the table and it slipped and flew off the table six feet across the aisle and smacked onto the floor. I picked up my iPhone and turned it over looking for what? To see if I’d cracked the glass, I didn’t. Hallelujah!

I went to my car, tried to text someone and my phone wouldn’t work. I pressed the ‘on’ button over and over. Then I did the same to the power button. Nothing. So I tried pressing them together. Nothing. I waited 5 minutes. Did it again, nothing. 10 minutes. Nothing. 15 minutes. No luck. So I headed for the Apple store at the mall…

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