Sharing Our Faith – It’s Who We Are

Sharing Our Faith – It’s Who We Are

January 19 and 26, 2020
Matthew 5:14-16

Every year on New Years Day, Kristine would watch the Rose Parade in Pasadena and comment on how beautiful the floral floats were, and how she would someday like to attend the event

So for Christmas a year ago, that was her Christmas present ā€“ a trip to the Rose Parade…
And it was a unique event ā€“ going to a place we’d never been before
Witnessing the intricacies of the floats not only from the grandstand at the parade, but right up close in a big field after the parade ended

As we were waiting for the parade to get underway, Colorado Blvd was closed and people were finding their seats …
In the midst of it all, a street preacher was moving back and forth in front of the stands:

  • Quoting scripture; offering commentary; urging people to turn to Jesus
  • I had to admire the man’s dedication, but wasn’t too sure about his methodology
  • People around us were pretty much ignoring what he had to say
  • I was interested because of my role as a pastor, but few others listened
  • Some would point at him and laugh

Whether anyone was moved by what was said, I don’t know, but it caused me to think about my own role as a witness for Christ.

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