We Need PEACE, Now More Than Ever

We Need PEACE, Now More Than Ever

Isaiah 11:1-9; Luke 2:8-14
December 22, 2019
Pastor E. David Streets

Choices. Oh my gosh, there are lots of choices to be made in our lives every single day right? I mean, we have to choose what we are going to wear, to work or school every day of the week unless we wear a uniform. We have to make a choice as to what we will have for breakfast, then lunch and then dinner. That dinner choice is a huge decision for many people, mostly wives and moms who have assumed the responsibility for preparing the evening meal.

Some of you may have to choose which way you will go to work based on traffic, weather, preference and whether or not a Port Authority Bus has been swallowed by a sink hole.

This issue with making choices begins very early in our lives. I have observed in my grandchildren, that they often struggle with which toy they want to play with and so they’ll hold and carry them all. This may be tied to their unwillingness to share but even in that instance they cannot make a choice that they will play with this car or doll and you can play with that one.

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