At Ingomar Church, we strive to offer Passionate Worship that connects people to God as well as one another.  You might like very traditional worship with choir and more traditional hymns sung to a majestic pipe organ.  Or you might long for the energy and passion that comes from beautiful vocal harmonies and an inspired praise band.  We understand that there are different things that best connect you to God and we want to offer a worship style that works best for you.  Join us for passionate worship, no matter what your preferred way to worship God!

Follow links to explore Worship Services & Times to learn more about our worship services.  You may search our Bulletins and Sermons from past worship services as well.

Passionate Worship is one of 5 key areas we at Ingomar Church are intentionally developing in order to become more like Christ both individually as well as one church.  For more information, see Our Mission.